Q&A Community Diabetes Education Program of Ottawa (CDEPO)

  • When are Services Provided ?
    • Group sessions and individual appointments are available Monday through Friday in the morning, the afternoon or the evening, depending on the locations.
  • Where are Services Provided? How Can People get to the Program ?
    •     Services are offered at many sites across the City of Ottawa.
    •     Most sites offer free parking. People living on a low income can be reimbursed for their OC Transpo tickets.
    •     Seniors and adults with physical challenges who require assistance with transportation should contact the community support service agency in their neighborhood.
    •     If clients live in the areas surrounding the city of Ottawa they can access other services; Listings for these services can be found at www.champlainhealthline.ca
  • Who Should be Referred to the CDEPO (Community Diabetes Education Program of Ottawa)?
    •     Adults with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

    Insulin & Diabetes Medication:

    •         Adults with type 2 diabetes who need to start using insulin. They are referred by a physician, nurse practitioner or specialist  who provides orders for a bedtime and/or daytime intermediate insulin or extended long-acting analogue or for a fixed pre-mix insulin.
    •         They are taught by nurse/dietitian teams all the selfmanagement skills necessary to ensure that they know how to use insulin safely and with confidence.

        Glycemia Management

    •         Insulin & medication adjustments provided in consultation with a family physician, nurse practitioner or specialist .
  • Are Family Members or Significant Others Able to Participate in the Program?

    Yes. They are welcome to participate.

  • What Languages Are Services Offered in?
    • Group sessions are available in English, French and Mandarin, Cantonese.
    • Access to interpreters in many other languages is available as needed for individual appointments.
  • How are People Referred to the Program?
    •     By physician  or nurse practitioner  referral or by self-referral for diabetes education by contacting  Diabetes Central Ottawa .
    •     People with diabetes: Go to  Diabetes Central Ottawa to fill in the on-line self-referral or call (613) 238-3722.  You can indicate that you want to be registered in our program.
    •     Physicians and Nurse Practitioners: Go to Diabetes Central Ottawa   to download the referral form or call (613) 238-3722 and ask for a version for your EMR.
    •     Referrals for starting and adjusting insulin as well as adjusting diabetes medication must be made by a physician or nurse practitioner
    •     It is helpful for the program staff to receive a copy of the client’s most recent blood test results, comorbidities and medication list prior to their registration in the program. This aids in facilitating individual support and helps to confirm that the client is appropriate for this program.
  • Who do I call to cancel or reschedule my appointment with CDEPO?

    Contact our administration team

    By Phone: 613-233-6655

  • How Does CDEPO Work in Partnership with Healthcare Providers?
    •     The program is responsible for providing education to individuals and for supporting the physician, nurse practitioner or specialist who is responsible for managing the individual’s diabetes.
    •     The program provides a report to each client’s physician, nurse practitioner or specialist  following his or her participation in a group education program, insulin initiation program and/or individual education sessions.
    •  Physician, nurse practitioner or specialist support is available through in-services organized by our program in conjunction with an endocrinologist. Any physician may request this service.
  • What Services are Provided?
    • Group Programs
    • Individual appointments with nurse and/or dietitian
    • Follow-up care
    • Start individuals on insulin (in partnership with referring physicians, nurse practitioner and specialists)
    • Start individuals on a GLP-1 analog (in partnership with referring physicians, nurse practitioner and specialists)
    • Work with referring physician, nurse practitioner or specialist  to adjust insulin & diabetes medications.
  • Why is Education Important?

    People who understand their diabetes condition are better able to manage it and stay healthy. The education program provides people with a supportive environment to learn how to make the choices that can prevent or delay complications of diabetes.

For other diabetes programs

  • Who Should be Referred to Other Programs?
    •     Adults newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
    •     Women with gestational diabetes
    •     Children and Youth under the age of 18 years should be referred to CHEO.