Resources for Public

  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating Information

    1. a website brought to you by the Dietitians of Canada. You will find information on nutrition, food and healthy eating as well as recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating tools.

    2. Diabetes Canada: Diabetes Canada's collection of healthy living resources will share the latest information to help you live well with Diabetes.
    + Information for basic meal planning
    + A helpful tool for estimating appropriate portions: Portion Guide

    3. Health Canada - Food and Nutrition section. In this section, you will find information on food safety, nutrition labels and nutrition programs.

    4. Special Diet Allowance: The Special Diet Allowance is available to anyone on ODSP or OW who is in need of assistance with the costs of a particular meal plan they are required to follow due to a health condition listed in the appendix as "Special Diets." The amount depends on the health condition. For more information, call the Ministry of Community and Social Services at 1-888-789-4199. TTY 1-800-387-5559.

    Resources to Access Health Food

    1. Good Food Box Ottawa: is a program within the Centretown Community Health Centre that focuses on delivering affordable boxes of delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruits to 40 neighbourhood locations throughout Ottawa once a month.

    2. The Market Mobile The Market Mobile is a local service that provides fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices (40% less than retail grocery stores!) throughout 9 locations in Ottawa on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

    3. List of food banks in Ottawa. Food banks provide food items on an emergency basis to individuals and families in need.®ion=Ottawa

    4. Here is the direct link to Food Bank website:

    5. Here is the link to the list of free meals and drop-in programs in the Centretown area:

    Diabetes Information and Support

    1. Diabetes Canada: Supports people affected by diabetes by providing information, diabetes research, education, and advocacy at the local, regional and national level.

    2. Ontario Stand up to Diabetes: This is the Government of Ontario's diabetes information website.

    3. Health Services for Champlain:

    1. Monitoring for Health; Diabetes Canada:

    The Ontario Monitoring for Health Program is designed to help people of any age, who use insulin or have gestational diabetes, with the cost of their diabetes testing supplies. 

    • Blood Testing Strips and Lancets: 75% reimbursement up to a maximum of $920 per year
    • Blood Glucose Meters: 75% reimbursement up to a maximum of $75, once every 5 years
    • Talking Glucose Meters: 75% reimbursement up to a maximum of $300, once every 5 years
      For more information and/or to receive an Ontario Monitoring for Health Program claim form call 1-800-361-0796

    2. Syringes for seniors program:

    The MOHLTC Assistive Devices Program provides up to $175 annually for seniors over the age of 65 years to help cover the cost of insulin syringes and insulin pen needle tips. 

    3. Ontario Drug Benefits Program (ODB):

    Anyone on social assistance or using the Trillium Drug Program uses the ODB plan. The ODB plan is a medical plan that covers the majority of drugs and some medical supplies (such as strips). Needles are not covered under this plan. Seniors (age 65 & over) are also eligible to access the plan (depending on annual income a $100.00 deductible may required) and should speak to their local pharmacist.
    PLEASE NOTE: If a particular drug is not covered by the ODB, individuals, with their physician, nurse practitioner and/or specialist can apply for special, time limited funding. This is called a SECTION 8 MECHANISM - individuals should speak to their physician about this process.
    UPDATE(AUG.2013):  Introducing changes to the reimbursement of Blood Glucose Test Strips (BGTS) for eligible ODB Program recipients, effective August 1, 2013. Please click here for detailed information on the new reimbursement policy.

    4. Trillium Drug Program - Assists people with high drug costs in relation to their income (Ministry of Health)
    Toll free: 1 (800) 268-1154  /  (416) 314-5518

    Trillium offers assistance to those that have a low income and no financial coverage for drug costs. To apply to this program the individual must complete an application form that will have detailed questions about their income. Based on that completed application a deductible is determined and the individual must meet it before the coverage begins. Once the deductible is met, the individual will only have to pay a basic, low cost, dispensing fee. Most diabetes medications and blood / urine testing supplies are covered through the program, however needles are not. This program uses the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan for its coverage. Claimants may use this plan for any prescription medications; it is not limited to those associated to diabetes. Claimants should note that items such as strips must be obtained through a prescription from a physician, nurse practitioner and/or specialist to receive coverage. Call for more information or, see your participating pharmacy.

    5. Ontario Disability Support Program (Ministry of Community and Social Services / Ministry of Health) 

    Any person on social assistance / family benefits or the Ontario Disability Support Program will have the cost of managing their diabetes covered by the individual programs. Drugs and strips are covered through prescription on the Ontario Drug Benefit plan. Other costs associated with managing diabetes (needles for example) should be worked into the individuals cost of living expenses and reflected in their monthly cheques. For those on the Ontario Disability Support program, 65% of the cost of lancets will be reimbursed by the Monitoring for Health Program (please note the individual still must be insulin using and follow the claims process for the Monitoring for Health Program).

    6. Eyeglasses and Home support

    City of Ottawa Employment and Financial services. Support to seniors and low income individuals: If you are a low-income individual, you can apply for financial assistance for special items such as eyeglasses. Call 311 to apply for help. The operator will direct your call to the right worker.
    If you are receiving financial assistance from Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, contact your case worker for more information.

    If you are not receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, you can apply to EFA. Be prepared to provide information about:
    • your family size            • the ages of your children
    • your housing costs       • your sources of income
    • the items you own        • your expenses

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