Foot Care Services

Foot Care services (referral by healthcare providers only)- For chiropody services at Champlain Diabetes Chiropody Program, please complete and fax the following form  Chiropody Referral Form (Chiropody Referral Form French). This form is for both group and individual client referrals to the chiropodist.

If you are unable to access any of the referral forms please contact us for assistance:
Tel:   (613) 233-6655
Fax:  (613) 233-6713

Champlain Diabetes Chiropody (Foot care) Program

Specialized chiropodists provide advanced foot care and foot care education groups

  • Group education open to anyone with diabetes
  • Individual advanced foot care available for those at high risk of foot ulcers
    • No routine foot care provided
    • Must be referred by a primary care practitioner or a diabetes educator.